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The best overclocked hardware you've never seen. You're invited.

It's not everyday that you'll get an offer like this.

If you're into high frequency trading, HFT, you need to get into this too. If you have an application that needs the hottest wheels you can find to run it, listen up. If you want flat out performance for reasons you'd rather keep to yourself, where do we sign?

We're prepared to lift the cloth covering our next generation overclocked server hardware - today.

We're in the late stages of developing our next generation hardware. It's different. Why the 2U box? We need the room. What's inside? Everything we need to rip through today's performance benchmarks like they're not there. And everything we need to make it risk free.

Consuming performance benchmarks is fun, but it's not what we're driven to do. We're looking for real-world testing environments that will really put the pressure on our overclocked hardware. Why not be part of it?

We'd like to invite a select number of high frequency traders and developers to submit to our next generation testing. You'd like to see, we're sure, how your stuff runs on hardware you can't even buy yet. And we'd like to see how our next generation hardware distances itself from anything that cares to describe itself as competition.

You'd expect us to treat this as confidential and we will. We'd ask the same of you too, at least until the hardware is on the shelves and available. There's no cost attached, and all that commits you to us after testing is your own view of whether the difference we deliver is worth the price we ask for it. We're confident it is.

A lot goes on inside our new 2U overclocked server. A lot more goes on outside. We plan to deliver stellar levels of performance and reliability that's absolutely buries the competition. Give BlackCore overclocked trading servers a home in your rack and sleep easy. Our service level agreements are the best in the business now - they're the same going forward too.

If you're nervous about getting anywhere near 1.0 hardware, don't be. Our hardware screening and test regime is all about reliability. Nothing gets out of BlackCore development until it's ready. This is the respectable voice of overclocked performance hardware speaking.

Anyone can ship you a box with a few very vague and generalised promises backing it up. Compare that with what we're offering and you'll find us more aligned with your needs by far. If you want your trading strategies to win, they have to run and run fast. Broken boxes don't run. BlackCore Boxes Do.

Be part of the next generation of high frequency trading. Try your algos on the best trading hardware you've never seen. Jump on the development roadmap that one day soon will deliver the BlackCore 2U.

You'd rather be on it, than off it.

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder