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Seven things you didn't know about BlackCore technologies

1: BlackCore Technologies wouldn't exist if we hadn't got to hear just how unreliable overclocked trading systems are. We'd been extracting mega performance and fire-and-forget levels of reliability from our hardware for years. People doing real time image processing loved it. It was problem free. Why shouldn't HFT run the same way we thought.

2: We're not scared of customisation. We can't afford to be. What we need to make BlackCore work the way it does for accelerated algorithm processing and trading just isn't available off the shelves. That's why we built what we can, design what we can't build, and generally enjoy skipping a few stride ahead of the competition.

3: Overclocking isn't risky. Well, not if you leave it to BlackCore. High Frequency trading strategies demand performance but need reliability too. You can have the fastest box in the world but a TRS-80 will bury it if it doesn't work. Don't take risks, take BlackCore.

4: BlackCore Technologies actually exists. Unlike a lot of names that rear up in our face, we're a real business. Pick up the phone and it gets answered. Send us an email and it gets read. Throw us a problem and it gets dealt with. You're welcome to put that to the test. Come and see us, the welcome's warm, the coffee is hot and yes, that is a real factory with our name above the door.

5: BlackCore isn't about some dirty little secret. We get performance for HFT from sound computing science, hard work and thousands of hours of testing. When a box leaves our shelve it goes with nothing more than our good wishes and an invoice. We don't have to pray it works - because it does.

6: BlackCore Technology doesn't cost a fortune. It has been known to make more than a few though. Accelerated trading algos love our overclocked servers. So do the people who buy them. We used to think it was the customised case. Then we worked out we actually cost less on many occasions.

7: We're not an offshoot of some big company like D£#L or $8M, we just succeed in delivering a similar customer satisfaction experience. Isn't it nice to know that if your a high frequency trader, you don't have to settle for a box someone has thrown together in a bedroom? They're for playing games - BlackCore is about making money.

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder