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Overclocking - a do it yourself guide

Overclocking server hardware to extract more performance than the hardware designers intended is easy and it's fun. Best of all, you end up with a high performance trading computer that runs rings around all of you competitors and practically prints money for you. You can produce hardware just like BlackCore in your spare time. Hey, you can even sell the system to other traders.

Let's begin. 500 words from now, you'll be all set.

You'll need somewhere comfortable to work. We'd suggest the UK or the USA though other countries have been used successfully. Next, you'll need a bench, or maybe twenty benches, where you can spread things out. You'll need a floor you can eat off, stabilised power supplies, air conditioning - filtered so as to exclude airborne contaminants and you'll need nice, flat and even lighting.

You'll want to make sure that all the components you'll put in your box are properly screened so they can stand the pressure of high performance. It's best if you get some friends to help with this as it takes time. BlackCore has about twenty people who're involved with testing if that helps you decide how many you'll recruit to your cause.

Next, take your components and rack them. You'll need some decent space for that as you'll probably need to order upwards of 200 processors at a time, not to mention the boards, connectors, memory and storage and cases. Something like 20,000 square feet should do - don't forget it needs to be spotlessly clean, warm and dry.

OK, we're ready to build. Simply take your case and populate it with your board and peripherals. Now all that's in there, pop in the processor. If you break any pins, just use another one. Now you need to take steps to make sure you can cool everything down. Oh - the lid does't fit. Never mind, take a break while you design a custom case from the ground up and, while you're at it, do the same for the cooling system.

And we're back in the room. Six months later.

Everything is snugged up. Let's turn her on. That was a loud pop and it doesn't smell too good either. Let's try that again, from the very beginning. OK. She's running. What do the numbers say? Not quite as fast as you expected? But you did everything you were supposed to. Run the test again. You would, but it's stopped working. Wonder what that could be then.

Let's try something different. First, decide whether you want to make money, or make computers. OK, money. Next call BlackCore Technologies and say "I want an ultra-high performance overclocked server for trading, and if you think I'm spending $40K on it, think again." Now pick yourself up off the floor when you discover just how little it REALLY costs. Take delivery. Plug in and run your stuff. Sit down and marvel how the server runs, and stays running. Think to self, "this is the way to do it."

Put ad on Ebay - little used soldering iron for sale.

BlackCore. Leave it to us.

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