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Introducing the Blackcore 1U HFT Server

Our popular Blackcore 2U Overclocked HFT Server is Now Available in 1U!

Featuring the same reliability and performance you have come to expect from Blackcore.

Our astonishing 1U HFT Server is configurable from 10-18 cores, using Intel HEDT CPUs based on the Cascade Lake Architecture, with 10900X through to 10980XE and overclocked to 4.8GHz on all cores.

This state of the art server houses our bespoke Blackcore Liquid Cooling system redesigned for 1U. The Blackcore liquid cooling system allows us to extract the absolute maximum performance from our CPUs. All whilst also keeping within safe thermal limits for supreme reliability.

The Blackcore 1U supports multiple PCIe configurations. All major NIC and FPGA manufacturers, such as Solarflare, Exablaze, and Mellanox, are validated for compatibility.

Drive management is made simple with our 4-bay 2.5" hot-swap caddy.

The system is housed inside a wonderfully wrapped custom designed and built chassis, made in the UK.

The renowned performance of Blackcore in the denser 1U form factor enables you to reduce TCO while maintaining exceptional profitability.

All the best & Stay Safe

From everyone here at Blackcore Technologies.

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