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BlackCore overclocked servers and the company we keep

High frequency trading, HFT, is about chasing high performance. Accelerated algorithms place a premium upon it. So does BlackCore Technologies and the team of engineers and development technicians we employ. Right up there on our list of product requirements though is reliability.

We think that reliability and quality share remarkably similar origins. That's why you'll be assured to know that the company we keep numbers some of the biggest brands in the business. Our supplier network produces the best components we can get our hands on, and we make them that bit better still.

In order for your trading strategy to work, it has to be executed. The more times we can rip through your trading algorithms, the more chance those algorithmic trading strategies stand of working. It all points toward performance.

Taken to extremes of performance, you get so close to the ragged edges of what the hardware can tolerate, that you're in danger of losing time because the product may fail. Our overclocked trading servers simply don't have that problem. If you buy one or more our our overclocked servers, it comes with the same reliability assurance you'd expect from an off-the-shelf product that you'd equate with more basis performance levels.

Accelerated trading algorithms have no terminal iteration rate limits. Hardware does. With a BlackCore server, and because of our hardware screening processes, you get nowhere near troubling the reliability we build in. We deliver bleeding edge performance, with leading edge dependability.

Working with us is as different as the hardware we supply. Anyone can ship a box. Nobody though builds them like we do. We want your business and we're out to prove we're worthy of it. We'll go to lengths that others won't to make sure we deliver what your trading strategy demands. We'll perform real-time tests against your benchmarks. We're confident of a good outcome.

Keep company with BlackCore and we'll keep you current. We have elevated levels of access to hardware you just can't find on the shelves. We're always a generation ahead. That's how we'll help you leverage your trading algorithm to the best advantage. That's how we make you a winner.

Leading edge performance in a high frequency trading environment comes with a price ticket attached. If that ticket is tied to a BlackCore box, you'll be very surprised how affordable it is. Our customers love that. Our competition wishes we'd just go away.

BlackCore though is here to stay.

We represent the respectable side of the overclocked hardware market. We're a manufacturer that understands and delivers customer support. We listen and we act. That's why we're proud that BlackCore is powering some of the most successful names in HFT. We wish we could tell you who.

We'd like to invite you to join. Here's how. Just put us to the test. Compare our results, then join us at the leading edge. You'll be in excellent company.

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder