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BlackCore overclocked server hardware. Performance comes as standard - risk doesn't.

High Frequency Trading, HFT, requires hardware and performance that's not available in typical off-the-shelf server packages. For that reason, the industry uses overclocked server hardware. HFT isn't without risks. BlackCore Technologies takes the view that buying overclocked hardware shouldn't be one of them.

Overclocking generally involves taking a stock microprocessor and driving it faster than its manufacturer ever intended it to be driven. Without a safety net, that's a risky scheme.

BlackCore has a proprietary screening process that first identifies candidate processors among the large stock volumes it buys and finds those best suited to life running overclocked applications. Not all make it. In so doing, BlackCore yields from its bulk candidates, processors that outperform stock, and other overclocked units, and yet run comfortably within understood limits.

BlackCore understands its business and values yours. That's why we put a considerable investment in delivering performance that you can trust. Performance is nothing without reliability, and that's why we have engineered ways of dealing with reliability's biggest challenger - heat.

When a processor is overclock, even within the tested limits that BlackCore prescribes, heat that's beyond the limits of conventional measures is generated. That's why we've developed unconventional means of dealing with it.

We have various means in our overclocking toolbox for dealing with heat. They all do a great job. By lowering the core operating temperature of the processor and doing so reliably, we can confidently engage our processors' higher gears and give your algorithms and trading routines room to perform.

With a BlackCore server running your trading algo, you get more iterations in less time. That means more income generated. The price you pay is the ticket price of the hardware, the risk you take is minimised.

We bust benchmarks for breakfast. We don't bust hardware. Our overclocked engineering is conservative but our performance isn't. When you buy hardware from BlackCore, you'll get the same warranty and SLA that you'd get from other major server brands. You'll also get performance that they can't deliver.

Our integration and manufacturing disciplines deliver another big benefit that gets the attention of high frequency traders. Consistency. We deliver remarkably uniform performance and not just the occasional bright star. Try one BlackCore server and you'll experience performance thats representative of our whole production output.

Unlike many overclocked server integrators we're prepared to put our performance claims to any test you can design. We're sure that we'll extract consistently high performance from it. We're also confident that you'll struggle to find a more secure or responsible partner.

We're in this for the long term and we're not playing games. We're not going to take risks with your business or with ours. So when you want overclocked hardware without overblown promises, it has BlackCore on the label. If you like your performance spectacular but without risk, that's a BlackCore feature too.

Please call or contact us with your specific needs and performance requirements. There's a BlackCore server with your name on it.

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