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An insight into Liquid Cooling at Blackcore

Learn more about the way we liquid cool our overclocked servers. 

At Blackcore we only settle for the best liquid cooling. Why? Because our bespoke liquid cooling system has been built to increase CPU performance, provide stability across all cores, & maintain a safe temperature without thermal throttling. We utilise the best components to ensure we don't compromise on reliability.

We use a renowned and proven liquid coolant to cool our ultra high speed overclocked servers.

This coolant is reliable, non conductive and Eco friendly! Made from a base of refined vegetable extracts with non-toxic corrosion inhibitors and non-toxic dyes, this data centre approved liquid coolant is currently being used in Blackcore Servers in every major Data Centre in the World! With Blackcore now deployed in 26 Data Centres including those in Tokyo, New York & London!

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James Lupton

Chief Technologist