BlackCore overclocks hardware. That means we take the fastest hardware available and we engineer it so it's faster still. Unlike others though, we work on ruthlessly screened components. So while our performance is beyond leaning edge, risk and reliability is well inside the safe margin we know to be available.

We're already busy designing hardware that will outperform our current generation of overclocked servers. That's something our customers are involved in and you could be too. We'll bust benchmarks with the best of them. But our saturation testing happens in real-world environments. That makes ours a better box.

We keep great company. We'd love to tell you who's powering ahead with our hardware but our lips are sealed. Our cases aren't though. Look inside and you'll see nothing but quality components and some very sexy looking BlackCore engineering.

So, EXACTLY how does BlackCore extract so much performance? We're not saying. Just be glad we do.